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Industry Expertise

Owner-managed small and medium-sized enterprises

The focus of our activities has always been the traditional family-owned company with its divergent interests.

In the family-owned company, you can always find the "family–company" interface. Often, these interests present a contrast that can usually only be resolved with a long-term strategy.

Our core competencies lie in the close accompaniment of these companies: to optimize corporate and tax aspects of both the company and the shareholders and to optimally combine their interests.

Experience with tax is crucial, but experience with the family–company interface is especially important. In such situations, medium to long-term strategies always have more success than the short-term profit mindset.

Our success is based on an immense experience potential and awareness of these priorities.

Trans-regionally and internationally operating companies

International tax consulting: several countries – a reliable partner

Just because your company is active in several countries doesn’t mean that you need several tax advisors.

A number of our clients operate internationally. This not only applies to the flow of goods and services, but to the shareholder structures. The companies are represented throughout Europe and are transnationally networked under corporate law.

This is where a variety of national regulations can come into conflict. This does not only apply to accounting and tax law. Over the years, our firm has gained a wealth of experience in this field. Therefore, today we are able to support you in everything from cross-border arbitration to the accompaniment of internationally coordinated audits and mutual agreement procedures with excellent professional competence.


The freelancers we serve are mostly independent and are personally responsible for the quality of their work. Consulting such professionals is a very personal matter.

Often the interests of the company and the partners are contradictory. Professional, comprehensive consulting and long-term strategies lead to conflict resolution and consensually agreed corporate policy in the case of these very specific issues, as well.

Medical professions

Particularly in the area of medical professions, it is less about the specific issues of fiscal law, but rather the knowledge of the profession, the specifics in the area of accountancy and the special requirements of the freelancers.

Craftsman’s establishments and IT service providers

In addition to their normal professional activities, these occupational groups are increasingly obliged to deal with fiscal, economic and strategic issues.

German tax law is complicated and entails particularly large stumbling blocks for company owners and the self-employed. Depending on the field of application, it does, however, offer fiscal opportunities.

We have supported craft enterprises and IT service providers in all tax and business issues for many years. Of course, part of the comprehensive support also includes everything from assistance in setting up business operations, financing to business succession ... and much more.

Real estate companies

With the specific requirements in the area of accounting and tax law, real estate companies are a unique challenge.

In particular, the Value Added Tax Act and the Real Estate Transfer Act play major roles in real estate companies. This also applies to all the accounting, and construction wage and construction withholding tax, as well as for providing tax advice for corporate law issues.

We have accompanied and advised large real estate companies for quite some time. Thus, we have solid and detailed experience that you can successfully use to your advantage.