We are different ...

Our Consulting Approach

Pragmatic and client-oriented –
Knowledge and experience make all the difference


The focus of our company is consulting SMEs, individuals and freelancers in all business and legal matters comprehensively and competently, in particular in the area of tax law.


Two partners with more than 20 years of professional experience, a competent team and a secure feeling for the best path through the "tax jungle" are the guarantees for your success. Our personal commitment, reliability and sense of responsibility mean you always get reliable, personal support.

Two of the partners are registered as auditors in the system of Quality Control of the Chamber of Auditors. So you can rely on far-sighted, comprehensive and targeted consultation and support.

Cooperation and collaboration – bundling competencies  

Our firm belief is that only a comprehensive, unified view of business, the economic situation, people and their ideas can ensure long-term, high-quality support. And this is why our expertise is complemented by that of experienced colleagues.

In close cooperation with tax law and commercial and corporate law-specialized lawyers and SME-oriented consulting, we have found the perfect balance for advising our clients.

Modern efficient methods – more security through targeted analysis

German tax law is becoming increasingly complex and opaque. Experience and expertise are absolutely essential in this challenge. However, you can significantly increase the efficiency of consulting through the use of modern software. For SMEs, we offer structured and risk-oriented analysis in advance.

By using the absolute state-of-the art auditing software, large volumes of data can be analyzed according to specific criteria. Clear and understandable reporting informs you of the results and documents the entire procedure.

The auditing software we use is increasingly being used by the tax authorities in conducting external tax audits. For you this means that by carrying out the appropriate simulations calculations beforehand, your tax risks can be identified and reduced.

Training – always on top of things   

Training assures security, expansion and updating of the acquired theoretical and practical basic knowledge and the acquisition of expertise, new scientific knowledge and the corresponding skills. Therefore, training is in the DNA of our firm and is carried on consistently and sustainably.