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Ongoing Tax Consultancy

Theory meets practice

German tax law is among the most complicated in the world. Thus, about 40% of all tax returns filed are determined faulty. But at least 25% of all tax assessments reveal errors. Not even a financial officer always has a clear view through the tax jungle. Expert help is indispensable.
We offer professional, reliable support and develop optimized strategies to reduce your tax burden to the greatest possible extent. For us, ongoing tax consultancy is part of a comprehensive advising process. Only those who have a perfect overview can provide security and recognize the opportunities for tax optimization early on.
As your Consultant in all tax matters, we take care of all ongoing bookkeeping, wage and payroll accounting and the annual financial statement. Practical assistance in solving your specific tax and tax law issues and conscientious representation before the tax authorities are, of course, all part of our package.

Security through planning

To ensure that you are continuously up-to-date concerning your tax situation, we create a budgeting plan for you. From your data available so far, we calculate a probable annual net income and the resulting tax burden to be expected. You can thus correct your corporate policy to achieve an optimal tax result on time.

Ongoing Tax Consultancy

  • Fiscal planning to reduce the tax burden
  • Ongoing accounting and payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements: balance sheet or income/expenditure account
  • Preparation of tax returns for businesses and individuals
  • Submission of applications on tax matters, such as deferral of tax liabilities, extension of time limits or reduction of payments
  • Representation before tax authorities: ongoing and in special issues
  • Representation in fiscal penal proceedings
  • Ongoing information on tax alterations