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Special Consultancy

During the life cycle of a company, new, unexpected questions arise over and over. And we’re the right partners for these special cases too – especially when we’re already very familiar with your company through our ongoing support. Thus, we can accurately understand the big picture and solve issues practically with the help of this specific background knowledge.

Special consultancy and services
Everything related to the corporate cycle

  • Planning of company establishments and reorganizations
  • Counseling on the optimal legal form from a tax perspective
  • Tax planning and strategy development
  • Restructuring counseling
  • Succession planning
  • Consulting on inheritance and succession matters
  • Planning of liquidations

Foundations, charities

  • Establishment and operation of private foundations
  • Consultancy for charitable institutions

Practical assistance related to accounting

  • Management of tax audits
  • Tax assessment activities
  • Introduction and installation of accounting in SMEs and for freelancers
  • Support with bank negotiations

Support in accounting

  • Consultation and training of your accounting staff
  • Consultation within the context of IT-aided accounting