We are different ...

Our Clients

The perfect consultation concept – from freelancers to SMEs with foreign corporate structures

Many of our clients are companies of SME character from a variety of industries and legal forms, some with domestic and foreign subsidiaries or sister companies and corporate structures. These companies are often family owned or owner-managed.

A further focus is on the fiscal, economic, as well as commercial and corporate legal support of freelancers, real estate companies, craftsmen, service providers in the IT sector and of individuals, as well.

We grow with you – perfectly attuned to you and your business.

You don’t have extra money for just giving away – so good advice is everything. Our clients consider us much more than a simple point of contact for bookkeeping and preparers of annual financial statements.

Our variable service offerings provide you with precisely what you require, from the cost of consultation for freelancers and small businesses to comprehensive care for modern, large companies ... and if you decide to expand, we expand our service – tailor-made precisely to your needs.